Sunday, February 27, 2011

5 weeks to go!

I didn't think I'd actually end up this close to my wedding day sans venue contract signed, or with any definitive wedding colors, or just a sketch of what my centerpieces will look like, but that's how it goes. Life just has a habit of getting away from you and before you know it you're faced with things like marriage license requirements and big decisions like what do I want my name to be?

The bearded man and I went to our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties last week. And even though we both went to Sin City we managed to avoid seeing each other the entire time. I did try to text him, but had the phone taken away immediately after. It was the first time I had gone that long without speaking to him in the 5 years since we've met (this includes my time in Brazil and D.C.) and it was a lot harder than I thought. I've gotten so used to someone else being willing to listen 24/7 and luckily my girlfriends were nice enough to by my sounding board.

So wedding plans, what's left. Well besides the license, it's mostly logistics and supplies. Trying to figure out how to transport and chill 800 beverages (that's 1 beverage per hour per person), how to display my cupcakes/candy bar (I ditched cupcakes as centerpieces) and who is going to take all of it down at the end of the afternoon (beg friends and family to help?). This brings me to the hardest part of wedding planning, asking for help. I like to host parties and I like to organize and plan, but as much as this wedding is my party I'm hosting I can't do the traditional things I'd do like set-up and clean up, making sure that everyone has drinks or that the food is good. So it's delegation time to the bearded man, to my kickass Maid of Honor, to my family and friends who have volunteered their assistance. So with a hope and a prayer it will all come off without a hitch. Time to start learning the anti-rain dance for April 2!