Monday, March 21, 2011

A Cautionary Tale

Two Fridays ago the bearded man and I had returned home after a long night out and about in Downtown LA. I was really tired and when I needed my cell phone, asked him to throw it to me. Those were my exact words: throw it to me. Unfortunately for me, the bearded man not only took them literally and did throw it, but since I was underneath a blanket threw it at the big blob instead of into maybe a pair of hands. The result? My first (and hopefully last) black eye. I can attest to the corner of an iPhone with a very hard plastic case in the eye will cause immense amounts of bruising and cause one to scream/cry like a 3 year old (maybe that's just me). Luckily for me it was the weekend and I had a few days to deal with the pain and start to laugh about my misfortune before work on Monday. Even luckier is the bearded man who in testimony to his character not one person doubted our I Love Lucy style explanation.

The bruising is all gone now and with plenty of time before the wedding. So brides and anyone who doesn't want a black eye, I don't recommend ever asking for a phone to be thrown to them unless they know exactly where it's headed.

p.s. 12 days! ACK!