Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Defying Logic

Lately I have noticed several things that do not make a whole lot of sense. They range from the inane to the important but here's a brief list.

1. Chicken Carnitas. El Pollo Loco has debuted their new line of Carnitas menu-items, which might sound normal enough for a Mexican fast food joint, but they're made from chicken! Carnitas by definition is pork, just like carne asada is beef. Next they'll start serving Ensenada style fish tacos made from tofu!

2. First hired, first fired. Several of my grad school friends have fallen prey to this ridiculous HR policy utilized throughout public offices. It basically means that regardless of prior experience, expertise, education, or ability, the first person hired, will be the first person fired when budgeting requires a trimming down of staff. Why this is flawed logic, is pretty obvious, but let me break it down. Without younger people moving into these public servant jobs, there will be no one with the necessary experience and institutional knowledge to take over once the baby boomers retire, not to mention who will actually get things done while everyone else is busy chilling on disability?

3. The Obsession with OctoMom. I know it's kind of like watching a trainwreck in slow motion, but OctoMom really isn't that interesting. I can't imagine why people want to see her on TV. She never says anything outrageous, no driving around with the baby on her lap, and she hasn't even shaved her head bald yet. I bet the paparazzi really misses the old BritBrit these days. Plus, it's embarassing to see Whittier and its environs on the news every night. First Nixon, now this.

4.The wrap sandal. Is it me, or is this look even worse than the open toed boot? Now instead of worrying about only our toes being cold in winter, our spring option is to at least keep our ankles warm.

5. Local news television. My bearded friend brought this one up the other day. Who really relies on local news tv for important and reliable news and information? I watch KTLA in the mornings, mainly because I love Mark Kriski's crazy antics and I like to hear the weather before I get dressed but as for news this is what I learned this morning: a NASCAR race will be at Irwindale Speedway this weekend, the Woz was on with his partner in Dancing with the Stars, Manny is playing cricket and most important there is a REALLY long line for tickets at the Jay Leno show with the President in town. All super important and relevant news info considering that the economy is in shambles, AIG is giving out millions in bonuses paid by taxes and oh yeah the entire State is on the verge of chaos (again). I'm so glad I tuned in.


ben.coria said...

I have some thoughts on all of these:

1. Chicken Cartnitas. Yeah, that's really stupid. But haven't you seen "pork carnitas" on menus before? I wish menus could hear. Then you could tell them "NO SHI." (Shout out to the FCs)

2. Thought I agree that it's stupid, I think that there is some thinking behind Last Hired, First Fired. New employees are younger. Old ones...well...have you ever thought about how hard it is to get a job at 50? Right at that age when employers are thinking "shi, health benefits are gonna get me up the ying-yang."
If the argument is that bad employees should be fired, I totally agree. But why is "tough times" an excuse to fire someone who isn't pulling their weight. They should have been fired a long time ago, before the mess occured.
The people upstairs should be upstairs because 1, they get the work; 2, they help facilitate the work that needs to get done; and 3, they are equipped to make those tough, tough decisions.

3. OctoMom? I guess I don't have thoughts on each item in your post!

4. That shoe is something a friend of mine would wear. Can any of you guess who?

5. Yes. Bearded Friend thinks local news television is a joke but then, so do the Newscasters, I think. I guess it IS possible to write in both the first and third persons in the same sentence. So does Bearded Friend guess.

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toeknee said...

I have some thoughts as well.

1. Your bearded friend need to start his own blog instead of blogging on your blog.

2. Octomom's in Whittier? We should invite her over one night and chill out...

4. Yes, I can guess who'll wear it.

5. Why are they asking me to verify the word when I'm already signed into my blogger account. Oh, my word verification is "ingess".