Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Babies, Blowouts and Bevery Hills

This was such an exciting 3-day weekend I barely know where to start. So let me begin with the beguine…Bristol Palin is preggers. Now I know that this has happened to many a young female, but to the offspring of a conservative, abstinence only sex education, VP Candidate from the frozen tundra, feels like some bad joke repeated on the nightly comedy shows. But its true and the GOP convention has to now figure out which is worse Gustav stealing their thunder or all the attention placed on Bristol’s 5-month baby bump. I must give 10 points to the McCain camp for artful placement of a baby at a VP candidacy announcement. No one could see the bump with Trig plastered all over her. I thought it was a bit odd that the way she was holding him, but it was just smoke and mirrors, genius. As exciting as this news maybe, I’m even more shocked by reports that state McCain vetted his VP candidate through a Google search. I love internet sleuthing, and recommend it to all my friends who are going out on a first date or finding a roommate, but 2nd in command of the U.S. is definitely something worthy of a more thorough search than a Wikipedia article.

On Saturday I reaffirmed my devotion to the Trojans, and reminded me about how I need them to remain a Dodger fan. If I was a Bruin football fan and a Dodgers fan, I’d be in a constant state of stress and frustration. At least this way I can take a break and enjoy a game where there are no surprises, except for how attractive Mark Sanchez looks without his football helmet on. Finally USC has someone cute to put up on the big screen. John David Booty lacked a lot in the looks department (and QB department as well). I can’t wait for Ohio State in two weeks, bring it on Buckeyes!

And finally, all this excitement is almost eclipsed by the return of Beverly Hills 90210 tonight! I was a major fan of this show back in the day when I was about 10. I have no idea why my parents let me watch that show, but all I could dream about was Dylan and Brandon and try to decide who was hotter. I hated Brenda and Kelly because neither of them realized how lucky they were to hang out with such hotties. Today the LA times interviewed Shannen Doherty and asked her about the “We hate Shannen Doherty” magazine. There was only one issue, but it made a big splash. And believe it or not, I owned a copy!!! My godfather bought it for me, knowing my love/hate relationship with Brenda/Shannen. I am going home tonight to search through my box of memories from elementary school and if I find it, I’m going to frame it. Who knew I had such priceless memorabilia lying around the house?

On second thought, I must actually be getting old, because shows/bands from when I was young are starting to have reunions. Check out NKOTB’s new promo pic. Maybe they’ll have to change their name this time around.


DRE DAWG said...

McCain's still a Senator, couldn't he have used the benefits of The Patriot Act and not Google to vet his choice?

I was wondering why Bristol was the only one holding the baby.

As a Beverly Hills 90210 fan myself, Shannon was THE character for me. She was smart, sassy, realistic, and brunette (yea for the dark haired people). Kelly was a mean and a twit, Donna was an idiot, and Andrea didn't pronounce her name correctly. Shannon was also one of the better actors of the group.

And Dylan was hotter!!!!

betsey said...

The Chard and I laughed out loud at your post.

First of all, I REALLY think preaching abstinance only education in Alaska is RIDICULOUS! I mean really, what else can those kids do during those cold winter months? I have no idea what is wrong with Sarah Palin. Didn't she get married in a shot gun type wedding? Maybe she got knocked up as well and "needed" to get pregnant?!?!?!

Oh, and why is everyone applauding Bristol for marrying this guy? I think that two 17 year olds getting married is about the stupidest thing (and fastest way to a divorce) I have ever heard of. (Can you tell I have strong feelings about this, I really shouldn't...)

I LOVE the idea that McCain vetted Palin though a google search. Excellent.

Third. Please, goodie goodie Brandon Walsh was no match for hott rebel Dylan! I felt most sorry for Steve Sanders. I bet there were no full page spreads of him in Tiger Beat.

toeknee said...

I'm forgetting the fact that J Mo's friend are probably all Republican haters. I'll stick to bashing the Beijing Olympics for another while, at least until Thanksgiving.

The 'Chard said...

I (heart) this blog. Love it. Won't leave it.

The 'Chard said...

I didn't realize that my wife had a thing for Dylan until I read her comment. I feel insecure. I guess I can always grow out my sideburns.

Jennifer said...

Haha, 90210. I used to watch it all the time too when I was in middle school. Not to mention, I also watched Melrose Place (and remember liking that more). I even watched Models, Inc...which was awful!

I liked Brandon...but hey...I also liked Jonathan from NKOTB. Jordan I also liked, but he was too popular, so I settled for his bro, haha.