Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm scared for my couch

For those of you who don’t have television or read the Sports section, you missed what was supposed to be the “best match-up of the NCAA football season” between #1 USC and Ohio State. The result was of course far below what you might expect from such a hyped-up game, with the Trojans dominating the scoreboard 35-3. The poor Buckeyes’ tired from all their trash talking, managed to control the ball for the majority of the game, yet could not put anymore points on the board except for their 1st quarter field goal. The real turning point in the game came when Ohio State’s only touchdown was reversed, because of a penalty. What followed were interceptions, fumbles, sacks and just a very sad game to watch (even for Trojans, because boredom isn’t fun).

I’m still not sure if UCLA’s first string made it to Provo, or if they got stuck somewhere and the club team had to don their jerseys; either way mad shoutout to my two readers who are BYU alums, the Cougars were amazing! They kept the Bruins from scoring while managing to chalk up 59 points of their own, well done!

Apart from college football there is plenty of other great things to watch on TV and I have thrown myself full-fledged into the fall season of shows. So far here’s my list for this year:
1. The Office: my favorite show is back! And I can’t wait to see what happens with a certain pregnant character! I really hope Rainn Wilson wins an Emmy.
2. Lost: I’m trying to keep this on my radar, because I really want to know what’s up with that island. I know the writing has gone downhill, but I have faith and at least we know there is an end in sight.
3. Mad Men: I am so glad I chose to add this to my list and delete Ugly Betty. I need a good old fashioned serial drama that isn’t too cheesy, plus I love retro interior decorating.
4. House: I am going to miss Kumar as a regular, but I wonder what they will do with Chase and the other girl. Hopefully they dye her hair back to brunette, she looks AWFUL blonde.
5. 24: I really hope this show can revive interest after being off for a year. I also hope that Fox doesn’t make us wait until January to watch this awesome show. At the same time I don’t even remember where we left off so I hope there’s some type of prep for the re-release.
6. Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice: Both of these shows get one more season and if they don’t improve they’re off the list. Note: both are more interesting and funny if watched after a bottle of wine.
7. Brothers & Sisters: I initially watched this show, because it had some big names. Overall, its relatively interesting, but not a nail biter.

Where will I find the time to watch all of these? Answer: 3 little letters: D.V.R., which cuts most of these shows by 25% in time. But I’m deathly afraid at the same time, because the evil cable company just gave me HBO, Starz and Encore for free for a year, are they trying to kill me on purpose?


betsey said...

First of all, YEAH for BYU! I love the Cougars! It has also been nice this week to carry USC tote with pride here in Ohio! I love being an alumni of two winning teams!

Second, excellent choice with Mad Men. It is my number 1 favorite show. Go Don Draper!

DRE DAWG said...

I can't believe you still have faith in Grey's and Private Practice. Grey's died after Washington was forced out of the show (not that he carried the show, but they just stopped writting good story lines and went back to the usuall she sleeps with him who sleeps with someone else, blah, blah, blah). And Private Practice was Dead On Arrival.

House is always my favorite cuz I loved Hugh's character in Sense and Sensibility. It's so classic.

Nicatator said...

I'm glad you're going the way of Emily Dickinson and becoming a recluse for your TV. Maybe you can become our Charlie Ravioli. "Remember Juice?" people will ask. "I bumped in to her blog today and drop her a line."

Out of your TV viewing list I only watch House; however, I cannot wait to see the SNL Presidential Special, especially after Tina Fey became Sarah Palin.

toeknee said...

I'm more jealous of your DVR than I'm jealous of the fact that girls have boobs. Really.

And for once, Dre is right. Private practice is so dead on arrival. No matter how my inner sexual desires long for Kate Walsh, it doesn't help me sit through that whole show. It's like um....Lara Croft 3. It's exactly like that.