Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Laughingstock of L.A.

A lot of people talk trash about the Los Angeles Times and rightfully so. The level of journalism has fallen short recently as Sam Zell, the owner of Tribune Broadcasting, has laid off reporters and put profits over everything else in the paper. Prior to his takeover of the Tribune his real estate companies were the largest owner of both residential and office space in the U.S. It’s a bit sad for me as a native Angeleno to not have interesting and informative news reports about my city, but I still attempt to glean some local news on a regular basis. Today though there were two awesome articles that one must check out, if only because they are almost unreal.

First, goats have taken over a brush patch in Downtown L.A. The Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency decided it would be cheaper and more eco-conscious if they hired goats. The goats chomp on the brush day and night well being watched by their 71 year-old owner. Even better is that the males are fixed to prevent any hanky panky and keep their eye on the prize, that is eating brush.

Second, in the automotive section there is an awesome rundown of the top 5 redneck cars Levi Johnston (Bristol’s Baby Daddy) should consider purchasing. My favorite is the Trans-Am with the screaming chicken on the hood it is truly breathtaking.

It’s bad enough that I have to watch horrible local newscasters on KTLA (also owned by Zell) i.e. Elizabeth Espinosa and Allie McKay, now I get to read about goats. And its not like we’re in the middle of a slow news season, the state budget is overdue by more than 70 days with no sign of being passed in the near future. The SacBee runs a blog updating what’s going in CowTown, but it reads mostly like a political version of Pink is the New Blog. Yesterday’s top headline: “Sen. Maldonado was chewing gum during speech at the RNC.” Are you serious?!

I guess Chicago has it worse than us, Zell has put up the Cubs and Wrigley Field for the highest bidder. I suggest Chicagoans use some of that community organizing honed on the South Side and drum up some funds to purchase it themselves. Hey, its worked for Green Bay.


betsey said...

Is it bad that I haven't even looked at the Cleveland Plain Dealer? I even had to look up if it was Plain or Plane (although, I have no idea why it would be Plane...but Plain is kind of weird too). Wow. This comment is ridiculous. Just like some local news.

DRE DAWG said...

L.A. Weekly...check it out ay!