Thursday, October 16, 2008

And like that "Poof!". It was Over.

So it’s over and to make a long story short, I’m a little bit glad. I don’t know if my liver/brain/heart could take another series, between the drinking/stress/rapid emotional swings. It is time to move on, focus on College Football and the NFL and watch what messes GM Ned Coletti makes in the offseason. The problem will be money of course and in the Dodgers’ case lack thereof. What I can’t believe is that the Dodgers have $61 million currently wrapped up in 4 players, only 2 of which even play. Schmidt and Jones have taken their payday and retired to sunnier places. Kuroda and Pierre are definitely still useful even though their best days may be behind them. As for who they should keep I think Furcal is not a bad idea as long as they don’t pay too much for him, considering the injuries over the past 2 years. As much as I hate to say it, I feel like my brother from Whittier has hit the time in his career to go home to Mia and the twins in Manhattan Beach and spend the next few years trying to figure out where he wants to be an assistant coach. As for Kent and Maddux, I’m sure both of them will be just as happy spending more time with their family and showing up for their Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

Now looking forward. What do the Dodgers need?

1. Starting pitchers: Although Chad didn’t have his best days in the postseason, the kid can still pitch and his youth is definitely an advantage. Add to that the wunderkind, Kershaw, and the Dodgers have two. With Kuroda that makes 3, as long as he doesn’t have too many starts. But we need 2 more to round it out, since Penny is done and D. Lowe will probably go elsewhere.
2. Another closer: We need more than just Broxton to come in and shut it down. I don’t think Saito’s chances of coming back are very good. Maybe this McDonald kid can be the new Gagne.
3. A slugger: I don’t care what position he plays, but it is necessary. I don’t know if we should shell out all of our money for Manny. In the end I wouldn’t say it was the worst move, I’m just a bit worried given the Dodgers’ history of paying a lot of money for players in their sunshine years.
4. A decent pitch hitter: I CANNOT sit through another season with Mark Sweeney.

I think our infield is fine, considering DeWitt, Loney and Berroa are all good defensive players, with J. Lo being the only one who came through consistently in the postseason. I’ll cut DeWitt some slack given its his first Major League season. But Ethier and Kemp both better step it up. Get it together boys! Oh and I forgot to mention Martin, I suggest Torre forcing him to dump Alyssa Milano (eww Penny’s sloppy seconds) and work on his anger management skills.

Well that’s all for Dodger baseball this year, time to start counting down to Spring Training. Anyone up for a road trip to Arizona in March?

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toeknee said...

Yeah. Martin definitely caught what Penny pitched to him.