Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Salt in an Open Wound

Even though I should probably save myself the heartache of watching the Dodgers try to win tonight, it will pain me as much not to see this group of guys play once more together at Dodger Stadium. The majority of my head knows there is almost no chance that the Dodgers will be able to overcome the 3-1 game deficit, but there's also a small part of my heart that believes the magic that was Kirk Gibson's homer in Game 1 of the World Series exactly 20 years ago to the day might lead the Dodgers to another miracle tonight.

Either way, its been a good run considering and I really shouldn't be as bummed out as I feel. I'm just hoping that tonight Torre takes it easy on the pitching staff, limiting changes to absolute necessities, that Chad can pull out one of his 2 hit winners, and the rest of the boys aren't too demoralized not to hit a few out of the park for old times sake.

If this is the end, then I must say Go Rays!, because who wants the Red Sox (aka the New Yankees) to win? I will offer this one trade to those Phillies' fan out there: 1 NLCS championship for electoral votes in November? I think the candidates should consider it, especially since I'm pretty sure their last debate will be a snoozer.

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