Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Things To Celebrate

In case some of you were too busy yesterday doing Sunday chores/errands and missed the grand game that was the Dodgers vs. the Phillies in Game 3 of the NLCS. Here's a brief recap: 1st inning: Dodgers make 5 runs primarily as a result of Rookie Blake DeWitt's triple, Philly Pitcher Jamie Moyer manages to hit Martin in the knee. 2nd inning: New pitcher for the Phillies barely misses hitting Martin again. 3rd inning: Hiro Kuroda of the Dodgers throws a high fast one sailing over Shane Victorino's head, who then grounds out and starts mouthing off after the 1st base out resulting in both benches being cleared and Manny running all the way from left field and having to be restrained by 3 players and a few coaches.

End result: Dodgers win 7-2. And we're ready to fight for the next 3 wins, and willing to take on any cheap shots from those no good Phillies. Now I know people from the East Coast think they're tougher than their West Coast counterparts. They think of us as spending our time doing yoga, drinking tea, and worrying about our tans. And that may be somewhat true, but we're brutal when put up to a fight, especially at Chavez Ravine with all the Raider fans who have nowhere to release their aggression on losing AGAIN this week.

I agree that Kuroda's pitch was dangerous, but the ball slipped (wink, wink) and it was about time the Phillies realize we're not about to take anymore cheap shots at Martin or Manny. There are too many good columns about yesterday's game, but my favorite is T.J. Simer's from the L.A. Times, check it out here.

My other celebration is for my favorite economist, Paul Krugman, who received the Nobel Prize in economics. He is such a great writer, making it easy for everyone to understand the inner workings of politics, public policy and economics. And his theory on international trade has real effects on how the global market is thought of throughout the field. Check out the article talking about why he received this award here and his fabulous column here.

And on a post note, congrats to the Rays with the 11th inning win on Saturday and today's butt kicking in Boston. Take that Red Sox. I wonder if they wished they had Manny being Manny right about now, but he's got our back NOW!

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