Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm baking like a toasted cheeser!

Today is the first official day of summer, and for those of us living in Sunny Southern California, mother nature didn't want us to forget so she made it over 100 in the shade! Of course this is a perfect day for the genius building manager at my work to shut down the A/C and repair it. It is out of control hot in the office and with no way to open the windows its unlikely to get any better.

But summer is my second favorite season after the holidays so I must think of all the good things that accompany it. The Hollywood Bowl, beach days, the 4th of July, drinking cold beer/margaritas/white wine, and watching everyone's favorite summertime movies.

Here's a short list of my favorite summertime flicks:

1. The Sandlot- hence the name of this post. "Anybody who wants to be a can't hack it, panty-waist, who wears their Mama's bra, raise their hand." Any movie about baseball, the pool hunnies and gives you a blow by blow breakdown on how to make a s'more is bonafide summer fun.

2. Dazed & Confused- School is out for summer! School is out forever! One of the all-time great stoner/70s/soundtrack with a movie attached flicks. D&C has McConaughey in tight pants, Affleck as Douche #1, and if you don't like it...then maybe you're not cool man. Ooookaaay.

3. Dirty Dancing- I just recently saw this in Mexico and I fell in love with Baby all over again. The character of her sister really should have won Best Supporting Actress for all of that horrible singing and dancing she did at the end.

4. Grease- Summer Lovin' had me a blast, summer lovin' happened so fast. Who knew that this gem of a movie was filmed at Lincoln High School in Lincoln Heights? Bite the winnie, Riz! With relish...

I can't think of a number 5, the temperature level in brain is preventing any new information from coming in or leaving.

But if you're worried/annoyed about gas prices read what one of my favorite economists wrote about McCain's new call for offshore drilling...Paul Krugman is a genius.

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betsey said...


I love your blog and am so excited to see more from you! You can find my blog at Clearly not as exciting and very Nora-centric, but you know :) She's adorable!

I sent my family the link to the Op-ed you linked to. Very good stuff! Thanks for keeping my stay-at-home mom brain sharp!