Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Obsessions

For whatever reason I've become a person with seriously random obsessions. Not anything crazy, but aspects of life/the world that I desire to become an expert about or feel the need to tell EVERYONE I meet about how amazing they are.

Here's a short list and I hope others can leave there faves:

1. Kevin & Bean on KROQ- there is no other radio station to listen to in the morning. Ralph's Movie Beat keeps me up to date on what's going on in Hollywood. Their "Ask a..." answers all the questions I have about Mexicans, Midgets, etc. And, of course Friday's don't really start until I hear them singing "Don't Bogart that Joint" at 9:55 am. I've even been on the show once during the segment "What it do Nephew", my new goal is to get myself played from the Afro line. Also Bean's Blog is what inspired me to start my own and is a daily source of amazing useless information.

2. In-N-Out- Okay I know I worked there so it makes sense that I'm obsessed, but I could literally eat this place everyday (I did for about 9 months). I am really never tired of it and the smell alone when I drive by makes me want to bottle it up and replace my new car smell with grilled onions.

3. My DVR- I do not understand how we watched TV prior to this invention. Never having to watch commercials (except for the Mac/PC ones a certain person I know loves) and always having something good to watch has truly revolutionized my life (a slight exaggeration).

4. The credit union- I love being a member of the Credit Union. I used to be an avid WAMU member, but they did me wrong a long time ago. The best part is that all 7-11 ATMs are credit union ATMs so you can get a slurpee and cash at the same time (plus think of how many 7-11s there are!).

5. Craigslist- What can you not buy or sell on this site? There is no need to ever buy new furniture again. Not to mention a great place to find housing. I don't recommend it for dating...kind of sketchy.


Michael said...

You can't sell babies you don't have:


You can't sell babies you have:,2933,358923,00.html


toeknee said...

I should join a credit union that you mentioned the benefits.

Or maybe CitiBank...since they have huge branches in Taiwan too...