Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Starting a new job

So I've started my fair share of new jobs. Since I became legal to work at 15 1/2 my jobs have included (in chronological order): paperwork filler-outer for a Doctor, children's library page (putting books away), cashier at a mini-market, In-N-Out fast food worker, cashier at my College's snack cafe, IT help desk phone answerer/filling printer with paper, Nordstrom women's shoe cashier, Government small business adviser, Economic research assistant, College athlete tutor, Elementary Special Education substitute teacher & now as another Research associate. This is actually only a partial list not including four internships in human resources, financial planning, public transit & federal budgeting.

To be honest, I've always enjoyed starting a new job. I've found it to be exciting and hold the promise of new opportunities. Usually, your new boss takes you out to lunch or the fellow employees might send you through some light hazing. There's always a nice email sent out about how great it is to have you and the first day is spent setting up the computer, email, phone, getting on payroll etc.

On the other hand, starting a new job can be hell. There's new office cliques to break into, finding your favorite bathroom stall (everyone has one at work, admit it!), figuring out how to ask your boss for asking for more work without risking becoming overburdened, convincing the security downstairs you really do work in the building. Sometimes I wonder whether it was a bad decision taking the job or if I'll regret it in a month or two and if I can make it to the magic one year mark that allows for a job to be on a resume, but not look like you ran for the hills.

If anyone else has any advice for new employees, please comment below. Almost 6 weeks in I feel like I have enough stuff in my office to make it look personal, but I'm still working on remembering everyone's names.

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