Thursday, July 17, 2008

Christmas in July

It is my 2nd favorite time of the year tomorrow...any guesses? Nordstrom Anniversary Sale of course! The best sale, because rather than things being on clearance like in most sales, this is the stuff for fall that is hot now and will go up in price after the sale is over. I haven't missed one Anniversary since 2002 and I'm not about to start now. I will be with the crazy masses at 7:00am tomorrow when the doors open at the Grove. Now let's take a look at what's hot this season and what I think should be left behind (in my humble opinion).

Straight/skinny jeans are back again! For the past few seasons its been these on one side of the spectrum and wide leg on the other. Seeing as I believe I'm wayyy too short to rock the wide leg pants I will be purchasing one more pair of straight jeans this season, hopefully not as low-rise as the ones I currently own. I think maybe a grey pair like these will work just fine. The one thing I have to owe to skinny jeans is they enabled me to wear flats. I never was one to think flats were cute, until I became a substitute teacher and that was literally all I wore. Which brings me to my next must-have for fall...

The pointy-toe flat! This flat is fun and functional and although can look a little witch like depending on how pointy and what color you get, its an all around winner for pants. I have never been one to rock the skirt with the flat (again height issues), but I think it could be pulled off especially if tights or leggings are involved!

I have been trying for the past few season to find the perfect slouch boot to pair with tights and skinny jeans. It is a mission not for the faint of heart, but I think this year might be the one I finally get my hands on a fabulous cognac colored pair similar to these on the left, but with maybe a shorter heel so I can last in them all night. This may just be me, but whenever I wear high boots over my jeans I feel like Trinity from the Matrix and I just want to kick some butt!

And now for my least favorite trends I'm sad to see are still popular for this fall.

1. The open-toed boot. Doesn't this defy the very nature of the boot to keep your foot warm when its cold? To me it looks like a boot that once had a front, but you broke your toe and had to cut an opening while it healed.

2. The ugg. I love wearing my uggs in the winter as much as the next person, but uggs are not cute no matter how many pairs Jessica Simpson has. I will never forgive Oprah for the day she put them on her favorite things for Christmas. It was the only holiday season I worked at Nordstroms and the entire 2 months these shoes were the bane of my existence. Plus, they're a slipper meant to be warm either for surfers after they get out of the ocean or in cold places, not on the Promenade in the middle of September.

3. Anything by Juicy Couture. Hands down my least favorite designer and the one I've never been able to explain or understand. First, the majority of their line is velour sweatsuits with Juicy written on the butt in jewels. A) those jewels have to be uncomfortable when you sit down B) these sweatsuits aren't made for working out, just shopping. Finally, every woman who I've ever helped wearing this outfit is for the most part evil, with several plastic surgery issues and has bad taste in shoes (can we say really high cork wedges with one leopard print strap across?) Now they're starting on the kids young with Juicy for girls (awesome tweens with hot pink velour sweatsuits with juicy across their butt...classy).

Not to worry my male friends out there, the Anniversary Sale is for men as well. Not that I know what's hip for you guys, isn't it basically still a pair of Seven Jeans with a RVCA shirt? Boys clothing sooo boring. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight with dreams of Nordy's flying through my head, but that will be even better as I won't miss my 5:30 am wake up call.


toeknee said...

You, my friend, are like Berb in Gamestop on any given weekend.

Jess said...

It was Christmas...2 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of boots, a pair of designer jeans, a new fancy brassiere and half a dozen work tops. Must decide what is going back before I realize how much I spent!

nisha said...

congrats on your purchases! glad the trip was fruitful. ok, i have a major question. this is one that keeps me up late at night. flat boots: yay or nay? please help!

woo this is my first comment on your awesome blog and of course its on the fashion post. i'll get to the econ/ current events post sometime...=)