Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Sky is Falling or Is it?

I'm starting to feel like I'm living in some sort of strange alternate universe. First, the news lately has just been out of control. Freddie and Fannie are in trouble, but Paul assured me yesterday that they'll be okay. And at least they're doing what they're supposed to and as a result we, as taxpayers, must also do our part to help them out. The one good thing about all of this chaos in the mortage/banking industries is that I feel I'm finally learning the ins and outs, because of the sheer amount of news coverage.

Next, over the weekend Brett Favre started rumors he might want to play again next year or un-retiring. I'm starting to feel like my relationship with
my #1 favorite quarterback is like a ex-boyfriend who I loved and mourned over, who keeps coming back only to crush me all over again. Last season it was so rough to watch the Packers get thisclose to the Big Game to lose to the Giants at Lambeau. I couldn't even watch the Super Bowl this year and had to escape to Disneyland to forget that day. I love Favre and want only the best for him, but I don't know if my fragile football psyche can handle it.

Then, of course there's IndyMac and this morning on local news they showed the people in line at the Encino branch waiting to withdraw their funds. Some of the individuals they interviewed really scared me. There was one lady screaming about how this is the Depression all over again. Another was convinced that this was a political plot by the Democrats spearheaded by Schumer to scare everyone and create even further animosity for the current administration. All of it just made me a little uneasy, because I know how few people actually read respectable news outlets and how heresy passes for most as the truth.

Finally, the New Yorker magazine cover and the back and forth that has ensued over it for the past 24 hours has really made the wheels start turning in my head. I still have yet to decide personally
how I feel about it. I do see how its satire but also how its offensive, and feel its more of a question about how smart/analytical the masses are. But if that's the case, aren't I being a bit presumptuous that Americans won't get it? Maybe everyone should be held to a higher standard, rather than accept the dumbing down of ideas for mass consumption.

In one happy section of my post, I would like to wish Brian Austin Green Happy 35th Birthday! He played my 2nd least favorite character (after Andrea Zuckerman) on my favorite childhood show, BH 90210. I can't believe he's only 35, especially considering everything his character went through on the show you would expect him to be at least 45. After watching your best friend kill himself, graduating early from high school, cheating on Donna, starting a club above the Peach Pit, becoming a drug addict and finally getting married, that was a lifetime worth of experiences! I am going to rent Season 1 of B.H. this weekend and entertain myself while I wait for Chicken Little to stop worrying about the Sky.

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Revive Santa Ana! said...

Then there's all these husbans/boyfriends/sperm donors hacking or shooting their girlfriend and/or mother of their kids and running off to Mexico (with or with out the kids)!!! What the hell is going on with these men?! The recent was a boyfriend killing his girlfriend infront of her children with a 3 foot, double edge sword. Who the hell owns a sword?!