Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just in the Nick of Time

For you baseball fans out there today's trading deadline at 1pm had us all on pins and needles. Even made worse if you are a Dodger fan, for fear that the not-so bright Ned Coletti was actually going to think of trading someone or something for Greg Maddux. Yes, I agree his spot in the Hall of Fame is secure, but there are few things worse than an aging starting pitcher. Plus, the Dodgers already have an over the hill 2nd baseman and former shortstop. I believe in ageism when it comes to baseball.

But to the shock of many, it turns out by some chance of fate, Manny Ramirez will be wearing Dodger Blue for the rest of this season. I'm so excited about Manny. Who cares if he's a jerk? I think Torre can keep him in line for the 2 months we need him to play. Plus, if he hits a few homers while he's at it, perfect! We gave away very little for him. Boston is even paying the remaining $7 million on his contract. Andy LaRoche was a good prospect, but ever since he broke his thumb, Blake DeWitt has been fine at 3rd. Plus now we have Casey Blake until the end of the season.

I am worried about our outfield though. Ramirez can't run very well, and Pierre has a weak arm. Kemp and Ethier are good, but Ethier doesn't have the big bat. It will be interesting what Torre decides to do with the lineup. In my opinion he should just bench Andruw Jones for the rest of the season.

I cannot utter the words about where I hope the Dodgers end up at the end of the season. But I am happy that I'm a season ticket holder, first dibs on you know what. Yay!

Side note: My advice to Favre is show up for training camp and turn into a circus. I really hope he goes and plays for the Vikings.

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toeknee said...

You're about the only other person besides me who knew about the Manny trade.

Juan is good at CF, he needs to cover the grounds. If only we have Ichiro. Manny will be okay on the left. And as much as I hate to admit, since he never plays well when we're there, I think Ethier will do fine in RF. He doesn't have a big bat but he's a consistant hitter. If he gets on base, Manny will send him home, no worries.

Football wise, other than Favre playing for the vikings, I hope L.A. DOES get the Jaguars.