Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't Worry...Just Be

For those of us who read/watch the news daily, it can sometime be too much for us to handle or even begin to worry about. This is precisely why I love today's article in the NYTimes about 10 things that we can rest assured about, check it out here.

I was inspired and decided to write my own list of things I am no longer going to worry about.

1. Ill-Fitting Clothes. Rather than stress out every time I put on a pair of pants that don't quite fit like they used to, I am going to toss them into my Goodwill bag and congratulate myself on my charitable giving. I will then put on an outfit I know fits and go on my merry way.

2. The "Big One". Its only fitting that today there was a 5.4 earthquake in Southern California, hopefully relieving some of the seismic pressure and therefore reducing the likelihood of a major earthquake. I do plan on putting together an emergency kit for my car and call it a day.

3. USC Football Season 2008. Seeing as we have been the #1 favorite in Vegas to win the BCS championship since the end of the last season, and the fact that there's no way we could lose to Stanford two times in a row, I am officially not worrying about Trojan football. Of course I might feel differently the day we play Ohio.

4. Nomar Garciaparra's playing career. My love affair with my fellow Whittierian(?) has ended. He's on the DL again, just like he's been for most of the season. I will miss Low Rider as his entrance song when he bats, but I just can't take the yo-yo anymore. I'm officially only rooting for guys under 35 without kids. Thanks a lot Mia Hamm!

5. Brett Favre's Future. This goes for you too #4. I lived in agony through that Giants game, and I couldn't even watch your retirement press conference. I hope you kick butt wherever you end up, but I'm done worrying about your injuries, falling off the wagon or your family in Louisiana.

6. Gas prices. They're here to stay and even if they've gone down a few dimes, it is time to stop worrying and just be proactive. My suggestion- do not buy a brand new car that runs on gasoline like I did. Everyday I feel more and more like I bought a laserdisc machine 2 weeks before the DVD player was unveiled.

7. The Presidential election. Wake me up when its November 5th. Enough said.

8. Cell Phone Cancer and All Other Random Diseases from Random Use of Objects. Who has time to calculate all the different things that can be killing us little by little? This week there was evidence that even the marble countertop in many kitchens give off large amounts of radon. Doesn't all of our clocks just start ticking away the minute we're born anyway?

9. Madonna & A-Rod. Okay I admit I don't really worry about either of them, but I'm really tired of having to hear all about celebrity woes day in and day out. Do people really care if K-Fed gets more money a month or if Brit Brit has extra access to her children? If only we worried as much about our own kids/relationships.


toeknee said...

This is a great post. I like it.

So you're just going to disregard the progress of the whole election until the day of? I take it you finally came out of the closet and decide to vote for McCain? Good for you, J mo. Good for you.

DRE DAWG said...

I agree, great post! It's inspired me...but I only have two "Just Be" realizations.

1. El Centro, Santa Ana, UCI and Orange County. It was my home for 5 years and I planned for it to be my home forever. Plans change in a heartbeat, and I stressed that the rest of my life will always feel empty and a huge failure. My "Real O.C." life dramatically shaped my education, passion, career, friendship and sense of self, but now I'm finally ready to be appreciative and forever grateful for the experience and move on with my life in good ol' Los Angeles.

2. Men, dating, and being single. I'd stress to figure out a man, stress over lack of dates, stress about being single...it's tiresome, boring, and bad for the frown lines on my face. These reasons to stress have been thrown out the window entirely and have since been replaced with just enjoying my life as it is and the amazing friends I get to share it with.